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Modern oil portrait painting on canvas in Dubai UAE

The Art of painting in oils. Oil paints are one of the most popular medium for artists. Oil painting is the Slow drying process of painting with pigments in which using the medium such as Linseed oil, poppy seed oil for a better consistency, drying time and finishing. Also, to remove any pasty or thick parts of the paint. Oil paints are popular even after a hundred years because the picture painting with oils will not lose its value and attractiveness. Oil paints have outstanding facility with which fusion of colours is achieved which make oil paints more unique. Used as an Antique stuff, wall decoration and many more. For beginners all you need is;

1.Oil painters with different colours must have primary colours like blue, red, yellow and white.

2. Paint solvent for increase fluidity.

3.Linseed oil as a medium for perfect varnishing and glossy look.

4.Paint brushes of different shapes and sizes.

5. Palette knives for mixing the paints also have flexible blunt edges for changing the appearance on canvas.


7.Oil paint Accessories.

8. Canvas: Common and suitable surface used for centuries. There are main two types of fabric which are used to make canvases i-e cotton and linen.

Linen is the most traditional and high quality primed fabric difficult to stretch and expensive. Nowadays cotton fabric is used for both oil and acrylic paintings which is easy to stretch on wooden support. Oil paints on canvas stays a wet longer and blend easily. Oil paints are slow drying as compared to acrylic, water-soluble or gouache paints that’s why it is widely used by artists in Dubai UAE

Fast Drying Colours

  • Burnt umber
  • Cobalt blue
  • Raw sienna
  • Burnt sienna

Slow Drying Colours

  • Blacks
  • Sap green
  • Alizarin crimson and most other reds
  • Any cadmium colours (cadmium yellow, cadmium red, cadmium orange, etc.


Oil are beloved by artists for many reasons. They are versatile, filmy, translucent. Modern pigments often use synthetic chemicals. The pigment is mixed with oil, usually linseed, but other oils may be used. The various oils dry differently, which creates assorted effects. Painting styles vary by each artists. Every painter could consider themselves a Artist because of their creativity level. The demand for oil paintings in Dubai remains strong. Dubai oil paintings 2020 art gallery include portraits, Colourful Sculpture, sceneries. The Art gallery in Dubai represents Creativity of Art.

Modern oil painting artist in Dubai UAE

Monochromatic painting important component of visual art throughout 20th century. Artist created exploration of one colour with wide range of emotions. It is the presentation of single colours with different shades which means colour remains the same but the elements differ by adding brightness, filters, intensities which shows very trendy and stylish.


First of all Sketching the subject on to the canvas with thinned paint. Oil paint usually mixed with linseed oil and solvent to fast or slow drying. The basic rule for oil paint application is “fat over lean” which means each additional layer of paint should contain more oil than the layer below to allow  proper drying. If additional layer contain less oil the final painting will crack and peel. Hold paint brushes correctly. Correct your brush orientation and avoid heavy hands. Don’t over mix colours because it looks so unattractive.

Thick over thin: The reasoning behind this rule is the same as the above rule. You want to make sure the paint at the top dries slower than the paint at the bottom. Thick paint will usually drydry slower than thin paint. These techniques will make paintings more glossy and translucent.


Water-soluble or water mixable oil paints make it possible to avoid Turpentine which is harmful if inhaled. Water-soluble oil paints tends to feel and behave like watercolor and gouache like, sharing the properties of both water colour or opaque oil (example : some colour will darken upon drying so more water is  mixed into the paint its property varying depending on the pigment and medium used and mixed onto it). Oil painting is the Unique Art with wide range of colour vibrant and shades. In Ancient times oil paints were created by Buddhist Artists in Afghanistan 7th Century AD. Some oil paintings have been found in caves with wide range  of pigments and perfect varnish layer which were destroyed by Taliban After that Europeans were the first one to invent the oil paints technique in 12th century AD. They are used for simple decoration. Jan Van Eyck was the inventor of Oil paints and together with Robert Campin first of all they were make a oil for painting medium. They work on wooden panels, canvas , sculpture , cabinet painting. This increasing  use of oil through Italy from Northern Europe Starting in Venice in late 15th century. Conventional artists use canvas made from Linen fabric to produce oil paintings. Paintings by famous artists such as, Boticelli, Picasso, and Leonardo da Vinci etc. are well-known for their technique and gorgeousness. These arts cannot be afforded by an ordinary man because of its high cost and uniqueness. Replicas of the legendary paintings have been reproduced to make them available at a less value. These types of oil paintings can be found in traditional shops and anold era.

10 Aug 2019

Modern Oil Painting On Canvas Art In DubaiOil painting on canvas in dubai UAE

Oil Painting finds one of the most sophisticated. It itself a much needed in my country. When you are in Arab in Dubai, it is must for an artist to use Arabic fonts in his calligraphy. We do not do it just for us we are here to facilitate you. In our profession you people are our priority. We provide the Oil Painting on your greeting cards, invitations, birthday party cards, posters for birthday parties etc. you can order us for any choice. I choose Dubai UAE just due to my grip on oil painting and Arabic and English Calligraphy. We also design your office buildings with Oil Paintings and Portrait Paintings.

I had this vision many years ago and to be honest to you I merged my talent with calligraphy Art. Actually it is an inherited art which now comes with a modern touch. Clients like to decorate their room walls, baby nursery rooms etc. I make my designs at my own. This splendid magic calligraphy attaches the head of one word to the tail of prior word and it forms a straight continuous running sentence. That is the real meanings of Oil Painting. Background remains tranquilizer. Often no noisy theme is used in Oil Painting. It consumes different fonts. We also make three dimensional writings.

Advantages Of Modern Oil Painting On Canvas ArtOil painting on canvas uses in dubai UAE

Many Oil Paintings on canvas words resembles with Turkish words. Script always remains important for any purpose. Substantially brands of Dubai wish for the logos in Arabic. As Dubai is full of Arabs so they stand in need of everything in Arabic. If they attend any event regarding marriages or parties they demand their every article in Arabic because most of them just know Arabic language. But we are in Dubai ready for everyone either he is Arab or British one. Our duty is to serve you all by our talent.

Oil Painting is in the form of print, some is done by oil painting, and very often it is done by engraving. We leave our mark on your things. We are known in industry due to our work instead of name. Numerous nibs and pens are used for Oil Painting. We have made numberless calligraphy arts in market. Basically Oil Painting seems the art of Middle East. Fabrics are done by oil painting on canvas at this time. Bedroom themes can also be made to give ancient look to walls.