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Biography Of Artist Tariq Mehmood

He has been named as being talented and best of the best Oil Painter as well as calligrapher. He was born at Punjab, Pakistan in the year 1978 and was brought up in the same place. In the young age, he started giving his full dedication and devotion in the working of the Drawing and Paintings with the hModern oil painting on canvas artist in Dubai UAEelp of the guidance of the teachers and experts who are already connected with this field work. He has the ability to draw whatever he sees, think, or imagines in a realistic manner. This one is the main skill which he already knows. He knows the rules of constructive drawing such as drawing objects as if they were transparent and using imaginary helping lines (like axes of symmetry, perspective lines, and proportions lines).He has the ability to “drawing from life”which is the combination of various skills. It includes experience in constructive drawing, the ability to judge distances and proportions, an understanding of perspective, the potentiality to think three-dimensionally.

Also, includes knowledge of human anatomy and the proportions of the human body structure head, face, and body. Some of these skills are so important. He imagines and draw whatever he wants because of his strong cognitive power. He already knows about the Rules of perspective, Golden proportions, Composition skills refers to arrangement of visual elements in a work of art; literally means “bring together.” The seven most common elements include line, shape, texture, form, depth, tone, space, colour and value, with the additions of mark making, and materiality.Skilful Artist also knows about composition of elements which are important to fine art include:

  • Shapes and proportions
  • Orientation, balance, and harmony of visual elements
  • Contrast and tonal values
  • Rhythm and spectrum
  • Perspective and pattern
  • Symmetry
  • Stylization
  • Visual focus

There are certain rules can be used to achieve a good composition, including:

  • The rule of golden proportions
  • The rule of thirds
  • Rules for guiding a viewer’s gaze
  • Rules of symmetry
  • And others.


He has the magic of portraying three-dimensional nature in a realistic way happens when tonal values are represented truthfully and skilfully.He knows about how to use colours is necessary in multi-coloured works.


He Started The Career As a Calligrapher & Oil Painter:

  • a rigid surface for artists made from poplar, oak, linden, pine, cedar or various other hardwoods, like mahogany or walnut
    Note: Other types of woods theses panels are made from includes plywood, fibreboard, Masonite, and particleboard.
  • the best for painting when they are well seasoned, air-dried quarter-sawn hardwoods to avoid warping, shrinking, as this causes them to hold paint better
    Note: It is very important for wood panels to be well aged to prevent shrinking and warping that might occur from exposure to the water content present in some paints.

Metal Panel Canvas Is:

  • a rigid surface that requires an oil primer to prepare it to support artist paints
    Note: This type of surface does not fair well with liquid (water base) primers.
  • comes in various types of fine art metals — aluminium, brass, and copper.

Being passionate about learning all the needed skills and the required techniques, he mastered his skills from the Sharjah Calligraphy & Ornamentation Centre, UAE. He started his professional Career as Oil Painting Artist from 2000. He has performed number of activities in all over the UAE. He is registered and marked his office on google by the name “Oil Painting on Canvas“, to avail his services you can simply Whatsapp or call at 00971 555 956950