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Calligraphy Painting

Oil Painting is one of the painting from my gripped area.Calligraphy painting is not just the blending of colors with oil and turpentine but also a mixture of emotions in pictures and writing too. My top priority to give shine in my all sketches and work prove that many consequences are found in your work. Major aspects of oil paintings are film quality and film thickness. Due to shine surfaces of them oils paints are attractive in their own nature. Thick layer of oil paints is crack free. Gentle muddy nature of oil paints encourages me to step up and up in my work and I used to play with them fluency of my hand matches with my desired thickness of paints. I use many oil paints in my oil painting e.g. linseed, seed, poppy, safflower and walnut oil etc. Some oil paints give darkness color with age but use of sound methods and good quality prevent from these insecurities. Tariq provide services of  Oil Painting in dubai and  other states as well. His name know for his paint work.


Main factor of oil painting is pentimento. Oil paintings in galleries are seen often with thin layer which changes into transparent with the passage of time but instead of doubling this, use thick quality oil paints. Oil paintings give a unique grace to any topic around us. It is the talent which rounds off your desire topic into your oil paintings. Calligraphy paintings are the best faces of your imaginations, because these have an imaginary aspect in them. As oil paints have oxidation property in them, react with the oxygen present in air and after reaction it becomes thick. Usage of some thinness makes it better but the technique is the most important factor of oil painting. Oil paintings should be unique even in their own  dignity. Choice of oil is an important factor in oil painting. Oil paintings show their own praise.