Tariq Mehmood Oil Painting
Dubai Salah Al Din Metro Station UAE
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Graffiti Murals

If you are in search of calligraphy engraving in dubai you are at right place. Who can engrave itself feelings and putt with combination of all his energy, is exactly the person that is called an artist. We do our engravings in different forms through different sources. Some are formed on glass with engraved pen like on perfume bottles, decoration pieces, some is done through machine which is also look like a pen. It totally based upon the desire of clients. To make everything valuable it is our duty. A calligrapher can write words into dancing moods. Engraving makes pain for glass but that pain gives worth to it in the market. Calligraphy engravings by Tariq Mehmood are considered among best one in artist’s field.

Engraving Gifts

Mostly clients want to gift their loving ones with their name. Like today it is too much trend to give someone perfume engraved with his or her name and also with pair of many other things like car key rings, wallet  with name. We facilitate you with every type of engraving design. Some designs are heavy and some are light. Mostly light engravings are putted on sensitive things e.g. purse, bangles, jacket etc. some youngs want to their names on their p caps. It seems trendy the holy names on stones and they are used as decoration pieces at home or you can also give other as a present. You can also get some tips of calligraphy after order. We can be hired by many companies to engrave their brand names on their official files, pen and any other things. Our main purpose is to make you memories everlasting. Ladies want to engrave their names on their necklace and rings.